Canadian born Andrea Fletcher always knew she would be a performer. From her days of impersonating her favorite SCTV characters as a young girl, to her award winning performance as the leading lady in the Sears Drama festival hit Solitaire at Pearson high school where she attended with classmate and fellow actor Ryan Gosling, Andrea showed great dexterity and perseverance when it came to learning and growing as an artist.

Andrea naturally gravitated toward comedy. With the motto “laughter is the best medicine” she began writing and performing standup comedy with the majority of her material inspired from personal life experiences, both good and bad. From there, Andrea met her soon to be ‘brothers from other mothers’ actor and comedians Dan Abramovici and Geoff Hendry. The three formed the sketch troupe Awkward Silence. The comedy trio became a regular fixture in the Toronto sketch comedy scene and performed at numerous venues and comedy clubs all over the city.

In Jan 2010, Andrea started her production company Fletch Films and shot her first two films Shaky Grounds and the multiple international award winning hit short Altarcations based on sketches she wrote and performed with Geoff and Dan. She has also appeared as a special guest in numerous comedy shows alongside top-notch comedians in front of sold out crowds in Los Angeles and Montreal.

Andrea has gone on to star in and produce several more comedy shorts through Fletch Films, which are slated to be screened in notable festivals worldwide. Miss Fletcher is continuously working on numerous projects and future productions. Check out the news section for the latest on this multi talented actress.